Auto Auction: Saturday, February 14

Have you ever dreamed of driving a Mercedes? Perhaps a Lexus or Jaguar? Or, maybe you’re the rugged type and a Jeep is your thing? The Salvation Army has something for everyone at the next Salvation Army Auto Auction (open to the public). You could have the opportunity to drive away in a new vehicle while helping others in the process!

1998 Jeep Cherokee

1998 Jeep Cherokee

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center conducts scheduled auctions for vehicles that have been donated by the community, and 100% of the proceeds help fund the Adult Rehabilitation Center programs.

The next Salvation Army Auto Auction is Saturday, February 14 at the Adult Rehabilitation Center next to the Fort Lauderdale Family Store located at 1901 W. Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. Gates open at 8:00 a.m., and the auction begins at 9:00 a.m.


1993 Jaguar XJS

Donated vehicles for this auction include Lexus, Mercedes, Acura, Jeep, Infiniti and more! Click here for a full list of vehicles. 

A $200 – $500 cash deposit is required for each winning bid. There are more auction tips posted here on The Salvation Army’s website.

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special when you pick up a great vehicle for a great cause. What will YOU find?

Facebook photos of vehicles:
For a full list of vehicles, click here:

2002 Mazda MPV


Our Biggest Vintage Event Yet!

This is BIG! So big, we’ve extended it another whole week!

That’s right. Our Vintage Event is so popular that we’ve extended it through Saturday, July 26 to give you more time to find that amazing vintage item.

With over 3,000 items arriving at our stores every day, you never know what you are going to find. But at our Vintage Event, you can be assured that you will find great items destined to become conversation pieces in your home.


We’ve had sales like this before, but this one is the biggest yet – more than 500 collectible vintage items, including a pedal airplane, a pedal fire engine, dolls, toys, records, clocks, household items, small appliances and more. We’ve created a special area at the front of the store to showcase these incredible items and we’ve been busy restocking throughout the event – so there are still plenty of amazing items to choose from.

Stop by during regular business hours, 10:00 am – 8:00 pm, at 1791 West Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale.


Just a sampling of the more than 500 items available.

For photos and descriptions of sample items for sale, please check our Facebook photo album.

You don’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind item! Besides, every time you shop at a Salvation Army Family Store, you are helping fund The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center. Proceeds from your purchase provide a clean and healthy living environment, food and counseling to those suffering from addiction right here in South Florida. By shopping here, you are helping others and Doing The Most Good®.

Art Auction Underway!

If you’re in the market for art but want to watch your wallet, we have the deal for you!

 Cabin in Mountain by Morris Katz; 13" x 17" Oil on canvas in wooden frame

Cabin in Mountain by Morris Katz; 13″ x 17″ Oil on canvas in wooden frame

Join us for our Silent Art Auction at our Fort Lauderdale Family Store from Monday, June 9 to Saturday, June 21. More than 50 pieces of artwork, including works of well-known artists, paintings, original oils, acrylics and high-grade prints is up for auction. There really is something for everyone!

Each piece has a set minimum bid, and the current highest bid is posted beside each item throughout the 2-week period. The Auction takes place daily during regular business hours, with the final bid deadline at 8 p.m. on June 21. Winning bidders will be notified on Monday, June 23.

We’ve got all the details on our website, so be sure and check it out.

We’ve also created a photo album of included artwork on our Facebook page.

The auction is held only at our Fort Lauderdale Family Store.
1791 W. Broward Blvd. | Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

Please note: All artwork has been generously donated to The Salvation Army. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of any artwork or artists’ signatures.

Vintage Event

If unique and interesting collectibles are your fancy, we have something for you! From May 5 – May 10, 2014, our Salvation Army Family Store located at 888 N. University Drive in Pembroke Pines is having a one-of-a-kind sale.

ImageOur Vintage Revisited Event is the place to discover special treasures that are destined to become conversation pieces in your home. We have gathered a collection of vintage items reminiscent of times past that are sure to make you smile and bring back memories.

With over 3,000 items arriving at our stores every day, you never know what you are going to find. And, we’ve been collecting the finest items to be specially highlighted during this sale event.

A large variety of collectible items sewing machines, typewriters, dolls, toys, records, clocks, household items, small appliances and more will be showcased in a special section at the front of the store. And, don’t worry. As items will be re-stocked throughout the week, you’ll be sure to find something unique that you will love.

You can shop this incredible sale during regular business hours, 10:00 am – 8:00 pm. Remember, this event is only at our Pembroke Pines Family Store.

We’ve bundled all the photos on our Facebook photo album.

Make sure you LIKE our Pembroke Pines page so you can keep up with all the great things happening at your Salvation Army Family Stores!

Everything Old Is New Again

There isn’t much of a true winter in South Florida, but you probably have a few sweaters in your wardrobe for those chilly days during the winter months. When you don’t wear them often, it’s tempting to just cast off last year’s crop and move on. But, don’t discard all your old sweaters. Instead, repurpose those sweaters into new and useful items!

Repurposing is a form of recycling, also often known as upcycling. It is defined as using something for a sweaterpillowspurpose other than its original intended use. This is a concept familiar to our grandparents, but the tradition seems to have faded into history. As budget conscious consumers look for new ways to save money, repurposing is becoming more popular again. All it takes is a little creativity and ingenuity.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for repurposing sweaters into something completely new:

  • The sleeves of the sweater can make fun legwarmers or cuffs for your boots, while a toasty cable knit hat or mittens can easily be cut from the fabric as well.  Use buttons or other accessories to decorate and add flair.
  • Pillows and quilts made from sweaters make for great conversation pieces in your home. This is also a perfect way to give a garment that may have sentimental value a cherished place in your home.
  • Make a fashion statement by using sweaters to make handbags, slouch purses and totes for every outfit in your closet.
  • Sweaters make great cozies for coffee, wine or even hot water bottles. Use a repurposed sweater cozy to cover your coffee thermos when you go out. This should keep your coffee!

Looking at items with an eye toward repurposing makes shopping at our stores even more exciting! We have nearly 3,000 items arriving every day, ranging from clothing to electronics. You are sure to find what you are looking for.

Please consider donating  items that you no longer want to The Salvation Army, where your donations will help fund the Broward County Adult Rehabilitation Center. The ARC provides housing, job support and counseling to men from our community who need a second chance. For store locations and hours, visit our website.  The Salvation Army – Doing the Most Good.

Tips for Donating


Perhaps you have already started spring cleaning to clean out your closets and storage spaces. If you have, there’s likely a hefty pile of items and clothing that you no longer need or want in your house. That is music to our ears! Our Family Stores rely on your generous donations to operate every day, and your willingness to help our efforts in the South Florida community is truly appreciated.

We aim to make donating simple, quick and painless! We’ve collected a list of frequently asked questions regarding donations, and useful tips that will help speed the process and get those piles out of your home.

  • Clothing, Shoes and Accessories: DO make sure that the items are washed and are in good condition.  Please DO NOT donate items which are ripped or badly worn.
  • Electronics and Appliances: Please DO donate your old computers! We will make sure there is no personal information on them, and we can often use the parts if the computer no longer works. DO consider donating electronics and appliances that aren’t in working condition. We can recycle parts and accessories! DO include manuals and remotes to electronics if possible.
  • Furniture:  Please DO NOT donate furniture that is ripped, badly soiled or broken. Keep this in mind – If you wouldn’t buy it, we probably cannot sell it. And, we have an added cost if we have to throw it away. Please DO NOT donate used mattresses.

Additionally, we ask that you do not donate items that have been recalled, banned or do not meet current safety standards. Legally, we are unable to accept them.

The donation process is easy!

To drop off your donations, you can either stop by your local Family Store or use one of our designated donation boxes; please do not leave donations outside stores or donation containers. For donation and drop box locations, as well as contact information, click here.

If you would like to schedule a FREE pick up, simply call 1-800-SA-TRUCK and we will be happy to facilitate your donation. You can also schedule a pickup right on our website by clicking here. Remember to ask for a receipt and make an itemized list of your donations. Our website can help in assessing the value of your donation.

In so many ways, your donations bring hope and opportunity to our local community. Whether it is providing a buyer with a great item they might not otherwise be able to afford, or the proceeds of the sale helping to support the local Adult Rehabilitation Center, your donations are critical to The Salvation Army. Please consider donating your gently-used items today.

Thank you in advance!

Weekly Tag Sales make for even bigger savings!

Who doesn’t love a great sale? And, you can find a sale on items EVERY day at The Salvation Army!

color tags

If you’re not familiar with the way we tag our items, we use different color tags. Every week, we have Weekly Tag Sales at all six of our area locations! During each of these sales, all clothing marked with the designated color of the week tag is 50% OFF.

Just think, you can get something for everyone in the family, and even pick up that perfect dress for a half of the already discounted price! Here’s what color tag sales are coming up:

  • Jan. 27 – Feb. 1; White Tags on Sale for 50% OFF and Yellow Tags are 25% OFF
  • Feb. 3 – 8; Yellow Tags on Sale for 50% OFF and Red Tags are 25% OFF
  • Feb. 10 – 15; Red Tags on Sale for 50% OFF and Blue Tags are 25% OFF
  • Feb. 17 – 22; Blue Tags on Sale for 50% OFF and Green Tags are 25% OFF
  • Feb. 24 – March 1; Green Tags on Sale for 50% OFF and White Tags are 25% OFF

While you’re here, be sure to check out the everyday low prices on electronics, furniture, home décor, jewelry and more.  We carry all the names you recognize and trust but at discounted prices.  All of your purchases help to benefit the Adult Rehabilitation Center, which provides spiritual, social and emotional assistance for men who have lost the ability to cope with their problems and provide for themselves. The Salvation Army Family Stores and the ARC are using the donations we receive to Do the Most Good in the South Florida community.

Click here for store locations and hours. To be kept informed of all our sales and events, as well as see pictures of new merchandise, check out our Facebook page.